we are explosions in slow motion

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"I am tired of turning myself
into a graveyard. Every part
of me is slowly dying and
you are nowhere near to stop
me from ruining myself even
more. But that’s okay. I have
learned how to keep the pieces
of my cracking skin together
in a way that is convincing.
I can carry myself around now
in a way that stops people
from thinking that something
might actually be very wrong."

- wtmI don’t expect you to be here

poems-n-words: stay strong and beautiful and warm as you are !!! :* <3

I love you Shraddha, you are wonderful ❤

Anoniem: You can get through this. Just take it a day at a time

Thank you, love

Anoniem: Stay strong beautiful

You too, sunshine ❤

Anoniem: The one you just posted; "thankful" hit me hard. I had a dream last night about the person this would have been about if I wrote it myself... I'm still not over mine, but it feels better after reading that, so thank you beautiful.

I am sorry, lovely. I know it still hurts a lot, but you will get through it and you will be so proud of yourself for surviving. I’m really glad I could help you in some way. Sending you love xoxo

Anoniem: I've just found your blog and I think it's just gone straight to being my favourite

Ahhh I’m smiling so much right now! Thank you lovely, that really means a lot to me

"I wasn’t in a good place when
I loved you. I wore your words
on my skin and let the bad ones
cut right through me. You said
you had all the right intentions,
but six months later I’m still
trying to figure out how to stop
seeing myself as a part of your
destruction. I should be glad
it didn’t work out. You would
have ruined me even more."

- wtm, thankful

Anoniem: You have beautiful eyes darling.

Thank you so much, lovely. You’re so sweet!

"I am tired of falling asleep
to the sound of you never
coming back. Every day I
wake up whispering your
name, and then screaming
it, and I force myself to get
up and find you. But every
day it gets a little emptier.
Every day you are a little
more gone."

- wtm, things will never be the same again

"You’ve been ripping your skin
apart as if you are convinced
you are going to find pieces of
the promises he made there.
You keep looking for pain that
feels like his name now and
the way he always walks away
from you. But darling, one day
you are going to feel the sunlight
everywhere inside of you again
and I promise it will lead you
back home."

- wtm, it will get better