I used to write poems about you

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Requested by anonymous about a girl who doesn’t feel and a boy who is trying to fix her
"I have been taught to spend
my life acting the way people
expect me to. I have grown
up learning to apologize for
everything I feel. Sometimes
that means putting my mind
five steps in front of my
heart and forcing it to follow.
Sometimes that means
ignoring my feelings that
are all over the place."

- wtm, growing up and learning how

Anoniem: What are your favorite poetry/writing blogs?

I absolutely love inkskinned, alonesome, 5000letters, rustyvoices, anneisrestless, extrasad and towritepoems. I always check their blogs in the morning and it’s my favorite part of the day.

Ten word poem

Whenever I go through my blog I always realise that my writing has changed a lot, but my feelings haven’t at all and I end up feeling sad and disappointed in myself

Anoniem: Things will get better eventually. I know it doesn't feel like it, but they will. Don't lose hope.

Thank you, lovely. I really appreciate your message and I will keep trying. I hope you’re well ❤

Anoniem: never be sad about what you write. even if you don't feel good about yourself you are helping other people feel better and that is something remarkable to feel good about. you've helped practically all your followers no doubt, so if you ever needed help yourself, well, we are all right here for you as you are for us. stay strong because you are loved for exactly who you were, are and who you will become. xx

Oh my god, you are the sweetest thing ever. This message made me feel so happy inside. Thank you so much, love. You are filled with so much kindness and warmth and I hope you will do wonderful things in life.

"I leave parts of myself on pages
from my notebook and on the
bathroom floor and in the words
that offer you a second chance.
I slowly rip myself apart until
there’s nothing left to remind me
of what happened before. But
some nights I still choose to be
weak and I bury myself in all the
poems I should have burned a
long time ago. Somehow no one
has ever asked about the blood
dripping from my fingers. No one
ever cared enough to notice the
stories written on my skin."

- wtm, I can’t leave it behind and no one cares

"There’s nothing harder
than putting yourself back
together every morning."

- wtm, ten word poem

"I am a constant pain in
the back. I am a third,
fourth, fifth choice and
the one that’s always a
regret. I am the light that
gets turned off before
it shows too much truth.
I am the abandoned place
where people find lost
words, but never any

- wtm, there’s nothing to stick around for