we are explosions in slow motion

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I still don’t know when to use an s or a z in words like apologise/apologize or recognise/recognize.. I’m sure this is dumb, but could someone help me??


I’m writing this to the person I used to be.
The one I lost somewhere along the way;

You weren’t a train wreck.
You weren’t a sinking ship.

I’m sorry about every moment I made you feel like you didn’t deserve to be saved.
I’m sorry about all those times people looked at you in a way that made you feel ten times smaller.
I’m sorry you always felt like it was your job to make sure nobody noticed you.
And I’m sorry about all the times you felt embarrassed when they did.

You were better and beautiful and brave.

You were a soft tornado.
You were a fireplace.

I hope we’ll meet again some day.
I won’t be embarrassed to be seen with you.
I will be better.

I promise.
I promise.


- wtm, I promise

"You don’t ever need
to apologize for being
unable to find strength
in weak knees and you
never need to feel sorry
for breaking down on
a good day; even after
all these storms, the
rain never apologized
for pouring."

- wtm, apologies 

Anoniem: I wish I could favourite your blog or something

I wish I could hold your hand and tell you how wonderful you are

Anoniem: I love your poetry wow you are amazing, sorry I just really love what you write

thank you lovely, that really means the world to me. hope you’re well xoxo

Anoniem: It says to 'ask me anything' so I want to ask you to hold on. I know it's tough but I believe in you, and you are strong. Chin up beautiful, you can do this

you are such a sweetheart, thank you so so much ❤

kind of in the mood to not wake up tomorrow

"You looked at me as if I was the worst tragedy you’d ever come across.
As if I was the broken light, the hidden fear, the loneliness at 4am.
You looked at me as if I was a forgotten memory.
The kind of memory you thought you’d buried deep enough to never hear its voice again.
You looked at me in a way that made me apologise for being.
A way that kept me inside my room for three days straight.
A way that forced me to believe my head just couldn’t leave the pillow.
That I’d regret it if I tried.
You looked at me in a way that brought me to my knees.
A way I wish I’d never seen."

- wtm, a poem to the girl in the mirror

"I’m all shaky hands and bloody words.
I’m scared, nervous, convinced you’ll leave me here.
I don’t have a lot to offer, just pain categorised in levels of heaviness; ten is the shaking, out of breath, bleeding on the bathroom floor. One just keeps me up at night.
I wear apologies like a sweater that never really fits.
Nothing ever feels right.
Tonight I am a nine."

- wtm, it hurts a lot tonight