we are explosions in slow motion

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"You’ve been ripping your skin
apart as if you are convinced
you are going to find pieces of
the promises he made there.
You keep looking for pain that
feels like his name now and
the way he always walks away
from you. But darling, one day
you are going to feel the sunlight
everywhere inside of you again
and I promise it will lead you
back home."

- wtm, it will get better

"I love you. I love you. Oh god,
I love you. And I am telling you
this because it means I have to
get the hell out of here. I’m sorry
I can never take that back now.
I’m sorry about the blood, the
cold showers. I’m sorry about
the messy handwriting and the
drunken apologies. And I am
sorry I’m ruining everything by
telling you the truth."

- wtma small piece of a letter to you

"You will swallow more dark
thoughts than your mind can
handle and on good days it
will still feel as if you are
suffocating. But darling, you
have to keep searching for a
place where your regrets stop
burning. You have to learn
how to be your own favorite
person again."

- wtm, you have to keep going

"You were the letter I wrote
over and over again, but
somehow was always too
scared to send. You were
the last train that never
showed up and I am still
waiting, because I can’t
swallow the thought that
you didn’t lose your breath
the way I did the last time
we spoke. You were the
sentence that confused me
all over, the words that
showed up in every poem
I wrote. You were the tragedy
I will never regret."

- wtm, you were, you are

"And I guess this is
what it feels like
when you find the
pieces you were
missing in someone
else’s hands."

- wtm, missing pieces

"Your words are my safe place.
Maybe that isn’t fair to tell you,
because we both know it used
to be the bathroom floor, but
apparently drops of blood and
tears shouldn’t be considered
comfortable. I don’t really know.
I mean, I know this isn’t going
to be easy. I know you will get
tired of me and that every part
inside of me will be covered with
this painful feeling of silence.
And I know I won’t tell you how
much I’ll cry about it. I just need
you here. I thought you should

- wtm, please don’t go away

Anoniem: you are so freaking pretty omg

Oh my god are you even real?? Thank you so much lovely ❤

Anoniem: Whatever you are going through right now, remember that you are not alone. You'll make it because you are strong. Okay? You are so much more than your sadness. You are so much more. Your words can make a difference. We need you here. Please stay.

You are so sweet! Thank you, love. This means a lot to me. I hope you’re well xo

"I don’t blame you for any of this.
I understand that you fall asleep
with someone else on your mind
now. And I understand that she is
everything now. That she is your
entire world. I get that. I really do.
I just don’t know what to do with
this. I mean, I still wear your smell
on my skin. I still go to bed talking
to you. I still feel like you’re here.
But then I wake up and I roll over
and the other side of my bed is so
cold it makes me realise no one
has been here for weeks and for a
moment I don’t really know what
to do with myself."

- wtmI feel so lost without you

"I skip parties and meals and
meaningless appointments,
but it doesn’t make me feel
any lighter. I forget to tell my
friends that I’m okay every
now and then and they have
stopped asking me about it.
They think I’m tired of being
around them, but the truth is,
I’m just hiding from myself."

- wtm, something I wrote a while ago